Hope For Anxiety and OCD Podcast

A place for struggling Christians to reduce shame, increase hope, and develop healthier connections to God and others.

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A Licensed Professional Counselor interviews other professionals, spiritual leaders, and everyday people who have found hope in the midst of their mental health struggle.


“Hello! I am a Christian, Licensed Professional Counselor, podcast host, and writer loving life just south of Nashville, TN. I have a private practice called By The Well Counseling where I help people with anxiety and OCD overcome wounding childhood experiences in order to live full lives.”

Carrie Bock, LPC-MHSP

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A Free Webinar On Reducing Shame For Christians

Are you carrying a constant weight of guilt and shame for past mistakes? Do you feel bad because you are struggling with anxiety or another mental health disorder because you feel like you shouldn't be struggling with this? Do you struggle because no matter what you...

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