Are you carrying a constant weight of guilt and shame for past mistakes? Do you feel bad because you are struggling with anxiety or another mental health disorder because you feel like you shouldn’t be struggling with this? Do you struggle because no matter what you do in your spiritual life, it never feels enough? Do you beat yourself up when you commit sins or find yourself constantly confessing them to God? Do you find yourself avoiding God because you can’t seem to face Him after what you’ve done? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this webinar is for you.

What You Will Learn:

  • The difference between guilt, shame, condemnation, and conviction
  • Understanding where shame comes from
  • How to embrace healthy guilt and let go of toxic shame
  • A question and answer time will be available at the end

About the speaker:

Carrie Bock, LPC-MHSP is a Licensed Counselor and podcast host. Carrie specializes in helping people with anxiety and OCD overcome wounding childhood experiences in the comfort of their own homes via online therapy. The Hope for Anxiety and OCD podcast is a welcome place for struggling Christians to reduce shame, increase hope, and develop healthier connections with God and others.

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